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Why Zeta?

Jade Walter

 "I knew the first semester of my freshman year at WAC that I wanted to be a ZTA. Going into Panhellenic recruitment, I kept an open mind and genuinely enjoyed the recruitment week experience but at the end, I knew where I belonged. Nothing can describe how exciting it is to open that bid card and run into the arms of girls that will become your sisters. I am grateful everyday for the opportunities that I have had and the women that I have met both at WAC and beyond through my membership in ZTA. Joining ZTA was one of the best decisions that I made in college and I wouldn't change it for anything." 


Kelsey Mcurdy, Spring 2014    

  I chose Zeta because I had something missing in my life and when I met the Zeta girls I knew they were what was missing. I instantly felt at home and I respected and admired all that they did. I really wanted the chance to call them mentors, friends, and sisters and I am so lucky that I was given that chance! 



Anastasia Laurenzo, Spring 2014

"In just one year Zeta has made an enormous impact in my life. It has given me more new friends, mentors, and experiences than I could have imagined. Zeta has not only allowed me to create friendships that will last a lifetime, but it has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself. Joining Zeta was a decision that just felt natural and it was one of the best ones I've made."



Alyson Pagano, Spring 2012

My decision to become a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha is one that I am thankful for each and every day. As a member of this organization I have had the opportunity to befriend and learn from an amazing group of women who will continue to be my sisters long after my time at Washington College is over. My experiences in ZTA have allowed me to grow as a person and form lasting relationships with my Gamma Beta sisters as well as connected me with the network of ZTA sisters across the country. My sisters have been a support system for me throughout my four years at WAC even when my studies took me abroad for a year. Zeta Tau Alpha has made my college experience an amazing one and I look forward to continuing my ZTA journey as an alumna.


Sam Gross, Spring 2012

Whatever I did in college, no matter if I disappeared into my work or studies for weeks or went on some tantrum of frustration, I knew I always, always come back to ZTA and be treated no differently. And I know, no matter where I go in the world, I can always come back in whichever way I choose and be unconditionally welcomed.


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